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Summary of Game Show Open Season 4 CS:GO

  1. Server

  2. Fraud

  3. Media

  4. Administrators and judges

  5. Communication and Skype conference

  6. Rules of communication in skype conference

  7. of the system

  8. Teams & players

  9. Match list

  10. Game Options

  11. Broadcast

  12. is strictly forbidden

  13. Qualifying stages and qualifications

  14. Grand finale

  15. Regulations and the general rules of the tournament

  16. The prize fund

  17. List of banned players


1.   Server

1.1 Game Show is not provides its own server. You must have your own server, suitable and set up for a comfortable game in the CIS region (games through the lobby are forbidden).

1.2 The fall of servers and disconnects (DDoS)

1.2.1 If the server fails, the team continued to play with the same account and the funds that have been before separation, simulated game situation .

Console commands for creating backups and load:

  • mp_backup_restore_list_files - a list of backup files
  • mp_backup_restore_load_autopause 1 - after the backup boot put a pause
  • mp_backup_round_file [ filename ] - assign a file in which to write backup
  • mp_backup_restore_load_file [ filename ] _ round3.txt - download certain round from a file

1.2.2 If the player is switched off, only the captain (or a designated player, if not the captain) injured team may suspend the round (command pause in the console or the Pause / Break key on the keyboard). Teams are limited to 1 to pause the main time and pause 1 in overtime. A pause can not last more than 5 minutes. If you have trouble reconnecting to the server or a problem on the server, then the team should contact the judge. Maximum Player waiting 5 minutes to reconnect. If a player is not connected at the expiration of this time, the team can get a replacement from the composition or resume play 4.

Console commands to pause:

  • sv_pausable 1 - pause allow installation on a server (required for the installation steps on the server)

1.2.3 If the server crashes the first 3 rounds, the match must be restarted. If a player crashes before the first murder, the match must be restarted. If a player crashes after the first murder, the server pauses at the end of the current round.

1.3 Selecting a server to play

1.3.1 If the two teams have a server, then select the most appropriate - where the teams smallest difference in ping

1.3.2 If none of the teams do not have a server, you must inform the referee of the tournament. Then put forfeited two teams.

1.4 The team owner of the server is given 10 minutes for the server configuration while the opposing team is given the same 10 minutes of testing and verification the correct server settings. At the start of the match, the teams agree the server settings.

1.5 If the teams do not have their own server, as an alternative, you can use the server

1.5.1 If one of the teams have a server, and the other is no preference for a team that has its own server .

  • CWMIX can only be used if the team does not have its own server .

The manual on the use of CWMIX site:

  • register at the
  • The team that is above the grid creates a game see skrin.
  • Server Settings for the creator of the lobby see skrin. 
  • Tells the name of the lobby and password other team.
  • When both teams are ready to start the game see skrin.
  • After the count down will link you need to click on (CS:GO is to be launched) see.skrin .
  • For the game servers need to install EasyAntiCheat (eac) to all players. Set eac can be the incentive, go to the store to find the list the EasyAntiCheat. see skrin .
  • EAC should be started see skrin and select Russian server see screen.
  • The servers do not need  to prescribe the server settings, all default settings are already installed. Just go and play.
  • Button to remove the game pause Pause | Break .
  • Claims incorrect the servers tournament administration are not accepted .

2. Fraud

2.1 VAC bans and cheating .

VAC Banned players can not participate in the tournament (it does not matter what game to get banned). If there is a part of the main or reserve player with VAC ban, the team is awarded a technical defeat.

2.2 Profile on GSL website .

Each player league consisting of teams participating in the tournament must specify in your profile on the site GSL valid Steam ID. Make coincidence Steam ID, specified in a profile on the site and on Steam profile, as well as to the correctness of the links in the player's profile on Steam-profile. If you have changed address Steam-profile, you must re-link your Steam for correct operation links to the Steam-profile. When incorrect STEAM ID or reference to Steam-profile team will be given a warning and time to correct mistakes. In the case of non-team gets a forfeit loss.

2.3 Cheating administrators and judges .

The attempt to deceive the administration or the tournament judges will be punished by technical defeat .

  • forgery or manipulation of the demos or screenshots strictly prohibited .

2.3.1 Transfer of personal Steam accounts to participate in league games to third parties is strictly prohibited and punishable by a technical defeat  

3. Multimedia

3.2 Multimedia match: POV-demo, screenshots and videos .

3.2.1 POV-demo

All players must record demos POV complete match. Otherwise, your team will be disqualified. You can request a maximum of 2 entries. When prompted POV demos from the opponent's necessary to put a protest within 10 minutes after the completion of the match on the match page and mutually give him my POV recording. POV demos must be kept by the player at least 24 hours after the match. In identifying the record of fraud or suspicious moments to be recorded with a program capture this segment, and the judge to throw the tournament, or tell him what time to POV demo was the moment.

  • Forgery or manipulation demos strictly prohibited .
  • The responsibility for POV load lies on the teams.
  • All demo should be placed in an archive (.zip, .rar, .7z)

3.2.2 Screenshots

To confirm the game moments you need to take screenshots veto cards, server status, the end of the first half of the game with an open score table (TAB), the end games open points table (TAB), violation of the rules to set up the server and other contentious issues. Controversial moments without providing evidence and screenshots will not be considered.

  • The screenshots must be uploaded in the following format: & nbsp; .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp
  • Responsibility for uploading screenshots lies on teams .
  • forgery or manipulation of the screenshots is strictly prohibited . Screenshot status is:

  • at the beginning of the match
  • if the server changes / player
  • if a player reconnects

To take a screenshot of the status, you should use the console command status. Screenshot Missing status no reason to open a protest.

3.2.3 Videos

All players who played in the final of the region are required to record a video of your screen with the capture of the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive throughout match games with sound and voice command communications. Each player is obliged to monitor the health of the program, which records video. Be sure to test the program before the matches on the performance. Recommended programs for recording: BandiCam, Fraps, etc. You can request a maximum of 2 entries within 10 minutes after staging a protest. Setup program for video

Recommended settings programs: shots 3-5 fps, the quality is not more than 40. All of nicknames during the game should be visible and readable at video playback. Net_graph parameter must be enabled (net_graph 1).

In order to reduce the file size is recommended to record the video on the floor of the match. Videos must not be placed in the archives. Load all the records necessary to Yandex.Disk.

  • Administration, and the judges the right to request from the entire team, or at a specific video player of the match at any stage of the tournament. This team or player has no right to give up the video.

* For a demo and download POV Videos given 20 minutes after the opponent's request. If the Internet does not allow the download record at this time, you need to provide a screenshot download, after which the judge the right to set aside some time to load POV demo based on the standings. If you violate the time to download your demo team will be disqualified .

During the tournament Game Show is the creator of the news and video. Teams that are involved in this season give them the right to use the logo, photos and player information for creating reports and others.

4. Administrators and judges

4.1 Administrators: ekso

4.2 Judges: specnaz , SaveliyGerc , aVz , dor1k

* Contact judges exclusively on Skype .

5. Link and Skype conference

5.1 captain or players each team must have Skype communication profile on the GSL site. If none of Skype is not the judges have the right to disqualify the team.

5.2 Captains must join the Skype conference in their region:

5.3 When communicating in the conference and address to the judges enter your nickname and the captain of a team you are

5.4 only team captain join the conference. Otherwise, the team will receive a warning.

5.5 All tournament issues are resolved in skype conference (protests, absenteeism, etc.)

6. Rules of communication in skype conference

6.1 No flood .

6.2 for judges to apply only in the case of technical and organizational problems .

6.3 Treatment Size judges: I (nickname), the captain of the team (team name) - a reference to the match - Question / protest

7. of the system

7.1 Qualifications

  • Online conducted through the system Single Elimination best of 1
  • final match played on the best of the system 1

            7.1.1 Total 16 qualification:

  • Siberia, the Far East, Kazakhstan (4 qualification)
  • Center, South, Urals & nbsp; (4 qualification)
  • Ukraine, Belarus & nbsp; (4 qualification)
  • Baltic (4 qualification)

7.1.2 Slots qualifications:

  • Siberia, the Far East, Kazakhstan - 2 teams from the same qualifications
  • Center, South, Ural - 2 teams from the same qualifications
  • Ukraine, Belarus - 2 teams from the same qualifications
  • Baltics - 2 teams from the same qualifications

7.2 Final of the region

  • In each region for the final 8 teams
  • Online conducted through the system Single Elimination best of 3
  • final match played on the best of the system 3

  7.3 Grand finale

  • Held in the LAN format studio Game Show TV in Vilnius, Lithuania

7.4  Veto procedure for bo1 matches:

  • Team A will ban the first map
  • Team B bans second card
  • Team A third card bans
  • Team B bans fourth card
  • Team A fifth card bans
  • Team B bans sixth card
  • The rest of the card is used for the seventh match of the .

7.5 Veto procedure for bo3 matches: :

  • Team A will ban the first map
  • Team B bans second card
  • Team A third card bans
  • Team B bans fourth card
  • Team A makes the peak of the first card
  • Team B makes the peak of the second card
  • The rest of the card is used as the third .

7.6 Definition of the parties takes place on the blade round - the winner chooses a side, and then made a restart. Blade round is required on each card match.

7.7 Overtime (overtime)

  • commands are for the same side of that played at the end of normal time
  • Teams are reversed at the end of the first extra time period
  • If, after the end of the first overtime, no winner of the match - assigned extra .
  • The extra time is played by MR3 system and the initial amount of $ 10,000 .

7.8 Schedule of matches and time

  • The main source of official and updated schedule is tournament grid
  • All matches should be started at the scheduled time
  • Both teams should be on the server for at least 10 minutes before kick-off
  • If a team is not ready to start the match at the appointed time, this command can delay the start by 50 minutes, but then the game will start from the account 0:1 in favor of the opponents. Provided that the match is played on bo3 or bo5 system.
  • If after 15 minutes of kick-off command to the server is not in full force, they should start to play four. If they can not put four of their opponents have the right to request a technical defeat for the opponents at the reception of the tournament.

8. Teams & players

8.1 There should be a minimum of 5 players, a maximum of 7 players. If you exceed the number of players in the team, the team will not be able to register for the tournament. On every match from each team are allowed only those players who are registered on the site and entered the team for which they play.

8.1.1 The match can begin, subject to the ratio of players: 4x4, 4x5, or 5x5 .

8.2 Substitutions .

8.2.1 Use as a replacement can be a maximum of two players and only those that are stated in the team

8.2.2 change the composition during the tournament can not be more than 40% (two rotations). Otherwise, the team receives technical defeat for changing the composition.

8.3 names in the game .

8.3.1 Nicknames All players on the site should be similar or identical to those claimed in the game client and the game profile. Otherwise, the team will receive a warning, and after warnings followed by a technical defeat.

8.3.2 If the game will be televised on streamers - all players must give their nicknames official view.

9. Match list

9.1 matches Time

9.1.1 Before the start of each match, teams have 10 minutes to prepare and configure the server. Each match is given 60 minutes. In the case of large delay match (longer than 15 minutes), the captains are required to pause the game and notify the referee of the match delay and only after that can continue the game.

9.1.2 If a team is not ready to start the game or does not respond within 15 minutes since the beginning of the round - ready to play a team has the right to ask the judge to provide a screenshot of the evidence and to demand punishment for the team, is not ready to play. If both teams are ready to play or do not respond, it is awarded a technical defeat two teams.

9.1.3 When you are ready, you can both teams start the match ahead of time. At the same time ask for the referee's permission.

9.1.4 If a team does not respond within 15 minutes after preparation of the grid, then it is put forfeited.

9.1.5 All matches should follow one after the other without delay. Once the opponent's match should be started.

9.2 The grid appears in 10-15 minutes before the tournament starts

10. Game Options

10.1         Server Settings                                                   Console commands

  • Round Time: 1 minute and 55 seconds                    (mp_roundtime_defuse 1.92)
  • Initial Delay: 12 seconds                                          (mp_freezetime 12)
  • Timer bomb:  40 seconds                                         (mp_c4timer 40)
  • Max. Number of Rounds: 30 Rounds                        (mp_maxrounds 30)
  • The initial amount of money: $ 800                          (sv_startmoney 800)
  • Launch of extra time: 1                                            (mp_overtime_enable 1)
  • Max. number of rounds (overtime): 6 rounds            (mp_overtime_maxrounds 6)
  • The initial amount of money (overtime): $ 10,000     (mp_overtime_startmoney 10000)
  • Possibility of pause on the server                             (sv_pausable 1)
  • Control files and folders of the game                        (sv_pure 1)
  • Cheats on a server must be turned off                      (sv_cheats 0)

Download ESL server configuration (after installation, check the settings are correct)

An incorrectly configured server may lead to difficulties gameplay. The team owner will receive the server. defeat for violation of the server configuration.

  • The server is not allowed except for plugins and VAC eBot .
  • The server for the game to be a tikreytom 128 .

10.2 Client Settings

  • cl_bobcycle 0.98 - forbidden to change
  • weapon_debug_spread_show 0 - not allowed to change
  • weapon_recoil_model - prohibited
  • mat_hdr_level - prohibited
  • Is allowed to take only four grenades, two grenade can only be  "Light"
  • Use the Molotov cocktail  and  incendiary grenade  allowed.
  • Use 16-bit forbidden .
  • In the configuration folder only allowed configuration files .
  • Strictly prohibited all scripts .
  • Changing the game graphics or textures using graphics card drivers or similar tools is illegal .

10.3 Maps

  • de_dust2
  • de_nuke
  • de_mirage
  • de_cache
  • de_train
  • de_overpass
  • de_cobblestone

11. Broadcast

11.1 Any tournament match can be selected in advance for translation .

  • Players selected match can not give up the broadcast. In case of refusal by the broadcast commands or ignoring the drive or the judge match will be deemed not to be played and replayed with the presence of a commentator. If the same team and then give up Stream or replay, the team is awarded a technical defeat.

11.2 To eliminate cheating webcast will be conducted with a delay of .

11.3 Players must add the tape to the list Steam friends. The match begins only when ready players and tape drive.

11.4 List streamers

Pushk1n, Gkay, Tramp, OPEXOB, PrivatePerson

11.5  The broadcast of the match through the GOTV allowed. GOTV delay should be set to 90 seconds or more.

12. It is strictly forbidden

12.1 Tech. defeat is given:

  • The failure of the team for the match / team is not responsible for more than 15 minutes, the referee of the tournament or the opponent. Captain makes screenshot, which shows that the opponent does not respond for more than 15 minutes since the beginning of the tournament round, takes off his judge tournament and puts on the page match 1-0 in their favor.
  • Refusal or failure POV within 15 minutes after the request .
  • Do not complete POV demo (more than 1 round) .
  • Participation in the match the player is not claimed as a team or with the wrong STEAM ID .
  • Mats and insults during a match the players / referees / Administration / commentators. The severity of the punishment the judge determines the tournament.
  • The use of third-party software (forfeited and disqualification from entering the player in the ban list)
  • Using bugs games, replanting on invisible texture, manipulation scripts .
  • All team players and Unknown Skype in the team profile.

Captain makes screenshot, which shows that the opponent does not have Skype, then puts on the page match 1-0 in their favor.

  • The two teams there is no server to correct the gaming .
  • sabotage and deliberate delay of the tournament .
  • Two and a warning from the referee of the tournament .
  • Offensive words in nicknames of players and names of teams (at the discretion of the judges of the tournament) .
  • Failure to follow the rules and regulations of the tournament .

12.2 Warnings are issued for:

  • Flooding in the conference .
  • The dispute with the referee, the referee of the tournament flood .
  • During the game player's nickname of the process does not match or is not similar with the nickname player on GSL website .
  • During gameplay Team Unknown clan tag .
  • During gameplay team delivered more than a pause in regulation time and a pause in extra time

  12.3 Evidence of violations of the rules

  • All protests for any reason should be evidence base. Protests will not be accepted without screenshots.
  • The evidence is necessary to attach to the match page or fold the judge tournament .
  • Protests by third-party commands non-match is not reviewed and does not accept .

* For 2 warning the judge the right to disqualify the team from the tournament, as well as to make a player / team in the ban list

13. Qualifying stages and qualifications

13.1 player's team that won the preselection of the region, it is necessary to provide judges proof of residency *

13.2 Team participating in the qualifying stage of a given region should have at least 3 players representing the region and are directly involved in tournament. In case of violation of this rule, or misinformation about the location of players on the team, the team will be disqualified and banned members of the team for the next season of the tournament.

* Proof of residence is the residence and the page with the name / photo (photo or scan), a copy of which will need to give each player a in the case of passing the selections of the region, before the start of the region's final (scans or photos must not be edited and all data must be readable). In case of failure to submit copies of the specified period the rules will apply penalties, up to the deprivation of the prize and the disqualification from the tournament.

13.3 The team has the right to participate in the next stage, if the composition contains more than 50% of the players on the team that won the quota

14. Grand finale

Grand Final tournament will be held in the Game Show TV studio in Vilnius, Lithuania .

15. Rules and general tournament rules

15.1 Schedule

  • All players participating teams should read the tournament rules and governed exclusively by them during the tournament, not knowing the rules does not exempt from punishment. Teams and players who take part in the tournament will automatically confirm that they have read and are willing to follow the rules of the tournament.
  • on the establishment of teams, administration of results, protests and screenshots, please click here:

15.2 Overall status

The administration reserves the right to modify or amend the current rules in order to maintain the spirit of fair play and sporting atmosphere

The behavior of players and teams should be honest and sport in relation to competitors and tournament administration .

Any unsportsmanlike conduct, including, but not limited to racist or offensive remarks, and attempts to circumvent or violate these rules will be punished. The penalty depends on the seriousness of the violation and may include technical defeat, the ban, exclusion from the league player, or other punishment, which is considered appropriate administration of Game Show. Every decision of the judge and the administrator is a common solution, and the jury can not be appealed. 

16. The prize fund

The total prize fund of the season is 325 000

  • 1st place -  130 000 rubles
  • 2nd place - 100 000 rubles
  • 3rd place -  65,000 rubles
  • 4th place -  30 000 rubles

* Cash payments are made within 90 business days .

17. The list of banned players


If you have questions, there are complaints or requests, please contact the administrator of discipline Dmitry “ekso” by pressing . For tournaments and qualifications, please contact directly to the judges of the tournament, said at a certain page of the tournament.