Start date and time
26.05.2016 11:00
5 x 5, Single Elimination
Prize Fund

​If you have any question or complaints, contact Oleg 'CPTN' pressing

Main provisions of Dota2 GSO:

1. Regulations

2. Tournament system

3. Prize pool

4. Schedule and lobby

5. Contact with opponents

6. Team and players

7. Game rules in tournament

8. Lateness or absence for the game

9. Resulting

10. Punishments

11. Game streams

12. Judging

13. Qualification

1. Regulations:

- Team captians must join Skype conference:

Far East, Siberia, Kazakhstan

Ural, South, Middle (Russia)

Ukraine, Belarus


- Main judge of the tournament is Oleg 'CPTN' Daniluyk

- All the tournament questions are resolved in Skype conference (protests, absense etc.)

- Rules of communication in Skype conference:

1. No flood.

2. Contact judges just in case of technical or organizational problems.

2. Tournament system:

- Regional qualifications.

Any team that includes 3 players of the right region can take part in regional qualification. 2 highest places from each qualification take part in final regional tournament. Matches are settled in BO1.

- Regional final.

8 strongest teams from 4 qualifications will battle for the Grand-final slot. Matches are settled in BO3.

- Grand-final.

1 teams from each region takes part in Gran-final. Grand-final will be held in Game Show TV studio in Vilnius, Lithuania.

3. Prize pool:

General prize pool of this season is 325 000 rubles.

1st place - 130 000 rubles.

2nd place - 100 000 rubles.

3rd place - 65 000 rubles.

4th place - 30 000 rubles.

All the prize money for this season will be paid in 90 banking days from the end of the season.

4. Schedule and lobby:

4.1. Matches must start strictly scheduled.

4.2. Lobby is created 5 minutes before the match start.

4.3. Lobby is created by the team that stands higher in tournament grid and also has a right to choose side or pick.

4.4. All matches are played on Luxembourg server (it could be changed by mutual agreement).

Game version: Tournament.

Game type: Captain's Mode (CM).

Cheats: Off.

Audience: Off.

4.5. It is prohibited for people, besides players, judges and offical commentators of Game Show, to be in a lobby.

4.6. Tournament grid is shown 5 minutes before the

tounament start.

4.7. For any questions there is a Skype conference.

5. Contact with opponents:

5.1. Contact with opponents is carried through Skype.

5.2. Send requests to your opponents in advance (it will save your time and boost your gaming process).

5.3. Adding your opponents and arranging on a game early is in your interests. Don't wait for them to add you.

6. Team and opponents.

6.1. Every team must have noted their skype profile. Teams without skype in profile will be disqualified.

6.2. Team must have minimum 5 players. Every player must have Nickname, full name and skype in their profiles.

6.3. Every player must enter their Steam ID, which they are use to play on tournament.

6.4. Forbidden: Use in team's tags and titles swear words and etc. Every team, that have this ones in theit tags and titles will be disqualified.

6.5. Teams allowed to have "standins". If you want to use them, they are must be part of your team and also have profile in our website.

7. Rules in tournament's matches.

7.1. Winner is that team, which have destroyed enemy main building.

7.2. Lenght of match - untill 1 of teams wins.

7.3. Chat could be used only by capitains of teams.

7.4. Pause is allowed.

- Only 2 pauses per team in 1 match.

- Total amount of time, used on 2 pauses should not exceed 10 minutes.

- If pause exceeds 10-mins mark, game should started by judge's request with actual amount of players that ready at this moment.

8. Lateness or not appearing on the match.

8.1. If team is late or can't start match at the appointed time, they should warn judge and their opponents.

8.2. If only 1 player is late at the start of the match, you can start match and do picks/bans in CM, and then remake it in AP.

8.3. If lateness is more than:

- 10 minutes, team playing without bonus pick time.

- 15 minutes, team gets technical defeat.

- Technical defeat gets figured by opponents team(1-0 to them on match list). Also there must be confirming screenshot.

- If team is late many times in a row(systematically) they are get banned from season or get banned on cup series.

9. Making results.

9.1. Capitans must make result in match list, also winner team must apply screenshot that proves their win.

9.2. If results wasn't right, capitain must call judge with proves of right results.

10. Disciplinary punishments.

10.1. For unsportsmanlike or rude, swearing in tournament conference, match or lobby team will be disqualified from tournament.

10.2. For putting wrong information about match team gets banned from this cup/tournament series.

10.3. For lying to judges team gets banned from this cup/tournament series.

11. Match translations.

11.1. Every match can be chosen one for streaming.

- Players of this match can't deny treaming of this match.

- Stream will have delay for fair play.

- Match will starts with players, judges and streamer's ready status.

12. Judges.

12.1. You can ask questions to judges about the rules(after reading them).

12.2. All questions and disputes decided by several judges based on current rules.

13. Qualifying stages and qualifications.

13.1. Players, that wins their region qualifies must provide their info to judges.*

13.2. Teams, participating in qualifying stages of their region must have 3 players from this region minimum, that actually take part in this qualifying stages. If this rule was breached and team was lying about their player's info, team will be disqualified and current members of this team will banned for next season of this tournament.

*Info must include proves of living adress, full name, photo, copies of wich should be given before qualification finals(photos and copies of documents must be unedited and reedable). If copies and another document's providings are late, team will be punished by lower prize money or even disqualification from tournament.

13.3. Team allowed to take part in next stage whith more than 50% of players, that wins quota.

Questions about team management, making results, disputes and screenshots you can ask and find answers on them here: